MonoDevelop issue in Unity. When Try To Edit Script 3 White Windows

So I am trying to learn Unity game engine. Today I have the following issue with Unity 4.
When I try to open or edit some script. MonoDevelop opens 3 white windows with no text and nothing on them.
However I think they was some error messages.
The solution to this problem I found is to download
into Unity/MonoDevelop/bin/ (next to MonoDevelop.exe ). That is the place where you install your Unity.
It worked for me and now I can open MonoDevelop : )
For more information:

How to download music and video from YouTube

Recently I haven’t posted anything so here is something very usefull for every internet user
You can download youtube videos with this app:
I personally use it, because it is very simple. Just copy url of the video inside the textbox.
For music or mp3 download I use:
The same concept is here. However there is limit of 20 mb per video
Make sure that you don’t download copyright content however!
Enjoy : )

Why Localhost Server Doesn’t Work

Very often when you try to start server on your own computer with XAMPP, WAMP and other web development environments they don’t want to start. Almost all of the times the solution is very simple. Some other program is using the default port of the web server or in other words port 80. Most of the time it’s Skype. Yes Skype almost all people who have computers have skype on treir machine.
So if your server, doesn’t want to start Quit Skype or change it’s default port to something other than 80.
You can change Skype port in:
Hope this help some people : )

XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin Solutions

I develop Phonegap application and some templating, but to work with templates I need AJAX requests. The
XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin Solutions
error I get comes from file:/// URL I use for debugging my application. After some search I find two common solutions to this problem. The first is if you use Chrome to start it this way:

chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files

Second very common solution is to start a simple web server. With Python it’s very easy.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Then you type “localhost” in URL bar, the error disappears and everything should work fine.

For more info: